Started by fashion designer and tailor Roger Oliver Smith in 2009, The Descending Nude is a fashion label born out of the desire to follow a free and independent path. 

The Descending Nude offers an evolution of concepts and ideas that are produced throughout the year as limited editions. With every item designed and produced solely by the designer himself, from inception to final construction, you can be sure of a well-made, personal and unique piece of clothing. Roger also does one-off tailored made-to-measure commissions based on client wishes.  

“I aim not to dictate a new theme or style every season, but to offer a new and immediate stage in my continually evolving development as a designer and tailor.”

Roger builds collections and projects that combine a love of spontaneity and abstract Dadaist thinking, but with an appreciation for tailoring and artesian craftsmanship. Values that have sometimes been lost in today’s globalisation. 

"By offering ideas as limited or even one-off creations I can maintain full control over the quality and integrity of my products, with everything created and made in-house."

 'Designed by me - Made by me'