Taking its name from Marcel Duchamp’s 1912 painting ‘Nude descending a staircase', The Descending Nude seeks to convey a Duchampian nature (both mischievous and serious) in the ideas produced. Sometimes directly influenced by ideas from the works and theories of Duchamp or the Dada art movement. Other times I take inspiration from my vast collection of research material collected over the years, fusing different inspirations to create unique and wonderful characters and stories that then become a part of my work and in essence my world.  

Art and analysis combine to form a self-critical and contradictory approach to clothing design by doing away with the conventional. Thinking through and playing with ideas in my imagination in combination with draping in fabric, rather than developing them on paper. Thus exploring new and intriguing possibilities that are not always obtainable when limited to a sketch.

The driving force behind The Descending Nude is the exploration of imagination in a free and courageous way to envisage new and interesting methods for making ideas work in practice. But never forgetting the reality in which my creations must exist.

Imagination is just the waste bin of our subconscious, which we are obliged to empty every once in a while into an even greater waste bin - that of life / the world. So the subconscious can once again fill our imaginations with new and delightful waste.

How I interpret and filter this creative waste through my imagination will be the defining aspect of all I do as The Descending Nude.