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Limited edition tailored shirts

Innovative and unique shirt styles by The Descending Nude is called Shirt DuChamp:

This is a slim fit shirt in a cotton mix, French seamed throughout (by hand), featuring a jet pocket on front left and hidden buttons. Each shirt is signed and numbered inside by the designer.

This design references two works by the French artist Marcel Duchamp (1882-1968), in both the collar and sleeve detailing.


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A unique collar detail inspired by Duchamp with a partial upturned collar and an exposed collar stand that has been inscribed ‘R. MUTT’ the signature famously used on Duchamp’s fountain ready-made piece from 1917.


The sleeve detailing is a hand produced rendition of the Duchamp painting – Network of stoppages 1914. The Descending Nude has translated this network of lines into subtle pin tucks with the hand painted symbols and numbering, which feature on both sleeves. Each back yoke has a T.D.N. version of network of stoppages, which is unique to each shirt.

This first run is limited to 3 shirts in size Large only - 2 in black / 1 in white.

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